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Green Taiga Woolly Mammoth


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Green Taiga Woolly Mammoth in Malaysia.

The Woolly Mammoth was around the same size as an African Elephant. They coexisted with early humans, who used their bones and tusks for making art, tools, and dwellings, and hunted the species for food. Isolated populations survived up until around 4,000 years ago. After its extinction, humans continued using their ivory as a raw material, a tradition that continues today. It has been proposed that the species could be revived through various means, however none of the methods proposed are yet feasible.

These stunning wooden Mammoth figures capture these majestic creatures beautifully and have been lovingly handmade in Russia.

They are a joy to touch and hold and have varying texture which assists in developing motor skills and allows the toy to become a guide to the world of wonder and adventure.

Playing with wooden figures instills the love of nature and animals while developing creativity and imagination. These are perfect for young children and are ideal for use in Montessori and Waldorf play settings or as educational tools.

12 x 15 x 2cm  

Made from Adler wood, finished with water-based paints, linseed oil and bio wax. 

Recommended for 3 years above

‚´∏ N O T E ‚´∑

üîπ Toys should not be submerged in water, use damp textile to wipe
üîπ Proper use is absolutely safe, supervise mouthing children at all times.
üîπ Our products are made one by one by hand and may differ slightly from those shown in the pictures.
üîπEach piece is made from sustainable wood and you may see some rings, knots or rough spots, these are what makes your piece unique.
üîπActual colors may vary a little from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and on the individual monitor colors settings.

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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 2 cm

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