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Loyalty Rewards

Storewide Loyalty Rewards

Welcome to the hive at Hyvä Play where loyalty is sweeter than honey!
Our Loyalty Point System is designed to reward our dedicated customers with buzzing benefits.
Here’s how it works!

Earn Bee Pollens:
For every RM1 spent, collect 10 Bee Pollens. The more you spend, the more Bee Pollens you gather.

Honeypot Rewards:
Redeem your hard-earned Bee Pollens for sweet rewards from our honeypot.
With every 3000 Bee Pollens, redeem a RM10 voucher!

Watch your hive grow with every redemption and feel the satisfaction of being a valued member of our hive and unlocking new statuses.
Remember:// You need to sign up as our Forager Bee to be able to collect points!

Explore the Hive

Dive into our hive of rewards! Discover the honeypot of perks awaiting you, from exclusive discounts to limited-edition products.
Unlock different statuses as you sign up to be a member of our hive.

Forager Bees:
Embark on Forager Bee adventures to earn Bee Pollens.
Get 5% off your first purchase when you sign up for an account and subscribe to our newsletter.

Drone Bees:
Embark on Drone Bee quests to enjoy 8% off storewide and get personalised offers on your birthday.
Unlock this status by spending RM3000 in a year. 

Queen Bees:
Reach the pinnacle of our hive as a Queen Bee to get a royal treatment.
Attain this prestigious status by spending RM5000 in a year.
Enjoy royal benefits such as 10% off storewide, birthday specials, priority access to sales and deluxe gifts fit for a queen.

Review and get more Bee Pollens

Review our products as a verified buyer and earn* up to 3000 Bee Pollens!

*Only for verified reviews
*Only for selected range of items

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