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Finnish means good




when children have fun

Our Story

Hyvä Play was created to provide better playtime for children in Malaysia. The toys curated are aimed to stimulate sensory experiences, refine both fine and gross motor skills, and encourage imaginary plays. We believe in play which both adults and children will enjoy is inevitably the best way to learn. Most of the toys we curate have a long shelf life, so the toys will grow together with each and every child regardless of their milestones and differences.

Our co-founder, @felixialee is a Play Expert and Early Interventionist which appreciates meaningful play with kids of diverse backgrounds and needs. In the past, she always moved around from houses to houses with a trunk full of toys. She kept looking for new toys that would pique her student’s interests and motivate them to learn. Then, she stumbled upon the magical world of open-ended toys; which served as both motivation and learning opportunities for her students. She fell in love with them and so did her students!

Later on, she embarked on another journey; entrepreneurship. She started with a handful of brands of open-ended toys and as the demand grew she continued on curating more toys for her ever-growing customer base. She also collaborated with many stores to bring in a variety of books and toys that are valuable to one’s development.

If you’d like a consultation of which toys are suitable for your family, reach out to us and we will be happy to help!

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