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Tara Treasures Felt Vegetables and Fruits Set A - 14 pieces

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Tara Treasures Felt Vegetables and Fruits Set A - 14 pieces in Malaysia

Let your child create his or her own Market Grocer with these realistic-looking felt vegetables and fruit set. Your child can also learn the names and colours of these most popular vegetables in a fun way.

This set has been designed to include colour variations of some vegetables in order to teach the children about variation. The avocado comes in 2 pieces and can be split up with the seed on one side. 

Each set consists of:
🌟2 carrots (orange and purple)
🌟2 capsicums (yellow and red)
🌟2 mushrooms (white and brown)
🌟avocado (2 pieces)
🌟a corn

When we designed these vegetables and fruits, we wanted to cultivate positive food affirmation for our children. The ideas that translate from pretend play will help them embrace vegetables and fruits in their daily diet.  

Each of this vegetable has been meticulously needle-felted with wool that has been dyed with non-toxic colours, making it safe for young children.

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Ethically hand-felted from 100% New Zealand wool
Coloured with azo-free dye, safe for children and pets

Age 1+ 

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