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Izvetvey Starry Sky Puzzle with Built-In Magnets

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Izvetvey Starry Sky Puzzle in Malaysia

🌙The wooden tiling puzzle “Starry Sky” with built-in magnets is made by hand in our workshop. Every puzzle comes with a metal base with the outline of the elements on it that serves as a hint〰️


💫There are several difficulty levels for the puzzle. Younger children may do the puzzle using the base with the outline. You can suggest putting the puzzle together with the child by matching the pieces to fit the shape.
The second difficulty level considers doing the puzzle on the table or fridge, guided by the base as a hint. To make it simple, you can start by choosing volume elements and then attach matching pieces to them.
The most difficult option is to do the puzzle without looking at the base with the outline.

✨The puzzle design is unique and was worked out considering all the safety requirements for toys. The built-in magnets are safely fixed and covered with wood so that the child does not contact it directly. Every puzzle piece is handcrafted by our artisans; the edges have soft shape that is safe for children.

☁️While doing the puzzle, the child learns to understand the connection between little pieces and a unity. Moreover, his multifunction game is good for attention and memory training. It is also important for fine motor dexterity. In younger children, this skill is poorly developed; and while laying out puzzle pieces, toddlers have to complete many actions, which have a positive influence on their development, such as:
visual choice of a suitable element;
holding small pieces;
laying out elements to a relevant place.

⭐️When laying out the picture, children develop their orientation in space. Later, this skill will help to master writing skills faster. It is also helpful in formation and development of logical thinking, as for composing a picture correctly you need to associate many data: the form of the element, its size, the colour scheme of a separate part of the picture and the picture itself. While doing the puzzle, the child learns how to work out action strategy. Furthermore, it has to be mentioned that imagination is also developed during such a game. The process of the game requires attention and concentration, so the child is taught patience and diligence.

🌙Our puzzles have not only standard plane elements, but also volume ones, which are pleasant to the touch. They make the process of the game with the puzzle more catchy, increase the child’s interest to the putting the puzzle together and may be used as independent playing elements.

〰️You can not only do the puzzle on the metal base, but also store the puzzle on it. Our puzzle will become a great addition to the child room’s interior when they do not play with it.

🧲Built-in magnets make the game more interesting, as they can carry it over to other surfaces such as to the fridge or magnetic board.

🍃🌍Ecological information:
We purchase wood only from trusted suppliers who have all the required documents. When packing our toys, we use only natural materials that can be recycled or composted. We paint our toys with paint made in Germany, which meets the DIN EN71 standard on the toy safety and has a conformity certificate ECO-INSTITUT-Label, which guarantees the absence of hazardous emissions and disturbing substances in coating during its whole life cycle.

For children aged 3+ 

*For animals with built in magnet, please browse our full Izvetvey Collection here.

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