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Papoose Toys Hot Drinks Set 16pcs


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Papoose Felt Hot Drinks Set 16pcs in Malaysia

This set includes:
4 cups
4 chocolate/coffee drink
8 assorted toppings (4 designs)

Pretend food felt drinks have never looked so good and delicious all at the same time.

This is a well-thought out set of 4 mugs with interchangeable drink toppers.

Each mug comes with a drink “pod” that forms the bulk of the drink. The kids can then choose from 4 different ‘drinks’ : Hot chocolate with marshmallows, Latte and Flat White with Coffee Art and a BabyCino.

These are made as toppers that fit on top of the drink pod. There are 2 of each topper included. You can also use the back to have tea.

We also have other sets available such as the Big Breakfast Set, Sandwiches Set, Dim Sum Set, Bento Set and many more.

The Papoose range of Felted products is Hand-Made by a women’s fair-trade co-operative in Nepal. Each piece is made using 100% natural wool products and non-toxic biodegradable dyes, making the entire Papoose range of products safe for children. As each item is handmade, each item may vary slightly, adding to its individual character.

Age 3+

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 15 × 5 × 43 cm

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