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Grapat Fancy Nins


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Grapat Fancy Nins in Malaysia

There's a party going on at Grapat, and all the Fancy Nins have been invited! This set of Fancy Nins includes 12 colourful wooden peg dolls in rainbow shades with flamboyant interchangeable party hats. Colour match or mix it up, the Fancy Nins love to dress up for the occasion. 

The Fancy Nins play set is a fabulous toy for open-ended play, each Nin has a vibrant painted body in rainbow shades and a special matching removable hat with handpainted details. Ready for a party anywhere, the Fancy Nins could occupy a dolls house or be combined with wooden blocks and loose parts to create a small-world play scene. Made from solid sustainable wood the Fancy Nins are tactile and lovely to hold.

These wooden Waldorf style peg dolls are ideal for colour recognition skills, sorting and matching and developing fine motor skills. The Fancy Nin set will offer endless play opportunities and many years of enjoyment, for both children and adults alike.

  • Contains twelve figures, with removable hats
  • Perfect for open ended play
  • Not suitable for children under 3


Sensory play:

Touch: clutching and grasping, textures, fine motor skills, tripod grip

Visual: colours, pattern recognition

Schematic play: This toy will appeal to children demonstrating the positioning schema.

Suitable for 3+ years. Sizes vary between 2cm and 15cm. Grapat toys are handmade using natural wood and water based stain. Colours and wood grains vary as does life itself. Over time wood can wear with play. 

Sensory play:

Touch – fine motor skills, tripod grip

Visual – colours, shapes

Schematic play: This toy will appeal to children demonstrating the positioning schema.

Key product ethics: Made using traditional manufacturing methods in the Grapat workshop where they ensure fair working conditions, using wood sustainably sourced within the EU – certification PEFC 14-35-00485, and coloured using safe water-based non-toxic dyes. All packaging is 100% plastic free.

Grapat toys are designed to embolden the natural desire to play within every child. Simplistic toys made from natural materials allow children to play freely without rules or structure, playing discovering and learning. Sure to be a favourite with Montessori toy lovers, counting, sorting and open ended play galore. Grapat toys are famed for the “Nins”, a beautiful range of traditional Waldorf toy peg dolls available in a plethora of colours and designs that give them real character. Grapat toys exude the natural beauty of the earth made using locally sourced sustainable wood and finished with water based colour stain that is safe for children and will not chip away. Nurture your child’s instincts to play and create their own imaginary worlds with Grapat.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 15 cm



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