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Bumbu Toys Thuja (Small)


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Bumbu Toys Thuja Tree (Small) in Malaysia.

Slowly, the fog lifts and in its wake one can barely spot a small fox searching between the thujas. Its smell fills the fox's nostrils and now telling where that rabbit went becomes a true mystery. Just then, the sun shines through the clouds and each thuja twig catches and reflects the weak sunlight.
The object of the fox's desire rests under a large thuja with branches that sweep the ground. A few jumps away, a few mushrooms await for the next adventurer in need of the last ingredient to make a secret potion real.
The thujas watch it all unfold, countless fairy tales and adventures have taken place in their midst and countless more await their turn.

The Small Thuja measures at:
6.5cm x 6cm x 13cm

This wooden figurine toy would be a great addition to any Waldorf nature table or play space.
Made with lime wood, organic linseed oil and non-toxic paints
Recommended for 3 years above

‚´∏ P E R F E C T F O R ‚´∑
🎁 First, Second or Third Birthday Gift
üíì Baby Gift
üéÑ Christmas or New Year Gift  
üê∞ Easter Gift
🌻 Nursery Decor

‚´∏ N O T E ‚´∑

üîπ Toys should not be submerged in water, use damp textile to wipe
üîπ Proper use is absolutely safe.
üîπ Our products are made one by one by hand and may differ slightly from those shown in the pictures! You get a unique piece!
üîπ Actual colors may vary a little from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and on the individual monitor colors settings.

All our toys are handmade by artisans using different local varieties of hardwood. Because wood is a natural material, variations in color, texture and wood grain are to be expected. We make sustainable toys and we embrace the unique variations that appear due to the structure of the tree and many different environmental factors, they do not impact the integrity or endurance of any particular toy. These unique variations are the proof and the confirmation that something was made by hand by an artisan that truly understands and appreciates the material with which they are working and cherishes those that will use it.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 6 cm

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